Protecting Capital

Maximising Opportunity

Protecting Capital

Maximising Opportunity

Signet FFF

Signet FFF is a global award-winning Alternative Investment business focused on total return, balanced income, thematic investment and special situations strategies. Founded in 1993 it combines almost 30-years of in-house expertise in analytically-driven investments with a commitment to innovation, continuous improvement of investment products and the constant search for new talent.

Our mission is to provide our clients access to a broad range of investment strategies with different risk-return profiles, varying from fixed income to specialized niche sector equity funds

Our investment activities and operations are supported by professional teams based in London, Luxembourg, Zurich, Limassol and Moscow.

Signet FFF Asset Management Limited

(previously FFF Asset Management Limited)

Signet FFF Asset Management Limited is our Cyprus-based Asset Management Company, which oversees the majority of Signet FFF’s Investment Strategies. We invest in Capital Markets, Real Estate and Private Equity projects. We invest in well-run businesses, with a primary focus on IT, Health Care, Consumer-Retail-Agriculture, Sports & Entertainment. Signet FFF Asset Management Limited is regulated by CySEC.

View of the promenade in Limassol, Cyprus

Signet FFF Capital AG

Providing operational and advisory support for other Signet FFF companies, this Swiss entity is planning to obtain a license from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), allowing it to launch a full range of investment management, advisory and wealth management services.

View of the Grossmunster church in Zurich, Switzerland

Signet Capital Management Limited

Signet Capital Management Limited is an independent, affiliated entity, acting as an Investment Advisor to FFF Asset Management Limited. The company is focused on public equity and other liquid investments offered to investors via specialized hedge funds, multi-manager and UCITS vehicles. The team has strong analytical and quantitative credentials. Signet Capital Management Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom (FRN: 222755).

View of London in the UK, the Tower-Bridge

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